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In this video, Tony Ivey gives great advice about what you can do to modify your home so you don’t have to modify your life! Many people would like to age in place or they would like to make their home safer or accommodate their current mobility status. Watch this great video to find out the Top 5 Things You Need to Stay In Your Home Longer & Safer.

Top 5 Things You Need To Stay In Your Home Longer & Safer

  • We modify your home, so you don't have to modify your life! Home modification management helps clients in need of alterations to their home for design purposes, for safety and to accommodate a new mobility status.

Safety - Building With Your Future In Mind

Tony Ivey, CFO, Project Manager/Engineer
Tony Ivey
As a teenager Tony's favorite high school classes were wood working and drafting. These courses developed his passion for construction that led him to making home repairs to his parent's home. Tony completed his formal education in construction by acquiring a B.S Degree in Construction Management from Oklahoma State Univ. His 20 years of construction experience has helped to develop a keen eye for detail and excellence.

"My first livability assessment/project was one that I actually built myself. We had a male patient that was a Quadriplegic as a result of a biking accident. He flipped over the bike and broke his neck. Due to the numerous medical bills the family could not afford a mat table that the therapist suggested to assist with therapy sessions. I went to home depot purchased the materials and built a large mat table with the tools in my garage at no cost to the family. We delivered it to him and the family was very thankful. The mat table allowed more exercises during therapy sessions.
For 3 decades, Tony has been 100% committed to learning and helping those who need it most.





Health Care Initiative Focused On Prevention