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Our care groups encourage and uplift individuals who are caring for loved ones that are going through a life altering medical situation.
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    This is a safe space to talk and share. You are not alone. Your strength will encourage and uplift others. View the schedule and topic of discussion below.

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Live Your Best Years is a heath care initiative focused on prevention, positivity and purpose. With over 100 years of combined health care experience, the Ivey family uses their 4 C’s to positively impact, encourage and assist their community to Live Their Best Years!

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Breathe- Happiness Is Fast Approaching

April D. Ivey, LCSW-C, CCTP
Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, Maryland License Number 18362
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Certification Number 739682
April D. Ivey Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
April began her journey as a health care leader at the age of 14, as as support personnel for I-CARE Home Health Care Services. She excelled in school while maintaining her healthcare position. April graduated Howard University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and 2012 with a Master of Social Work Concentration in Mental Health. April is currently in progress of completing her Doctorate of Clinical Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania with anticipated graduation Dec. 2022.

April is an enthusiastic, hard-working clinician with 19 years of experience in health and human services. Her background background includes clinical supervision as well as direct practice psychotherapeutic services for diverse populations.
For nearly 2 decades, April has been 100% committed to learning and advocating for those who need it most.





What's For Dinner?- Healthful cooking demonstrations & More!

Meal plans and fun interactive cooking classes with an emphasis on dishes that are healthful, filling and fun to create.

live your best years Advantage

  • Health care management is the perfect solution for clients who don't know where to start in the health care arena. Our health care manager provides guidance, support and advocacy for clients to ensure their best care.
  • We modify your home, so you don't have to modify your life! Home modification management helps clients in need of alterations to their home for design purposes, for safety and to accommodate a new mobility status.
  • We realize that in a fast pace world, it can be difficult to learn and create easy, delicious, healthy meals. Our virtual cooking classes educate and demonstrate delicious, healthful options.
  • On an airplane, the attendant reminds us in case of an emergency, to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then on our neighbor. Our care groups encourage and uplift individuals who are caring for loved ones who are going through a life altering situation to "breathe first" in life.

Ready to improve your health and live your best years?
You’ve come to the right place.

At Live Your Best Years our goal is to help you stay safe, happy, and healthy, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Our team of experienced health care and wellness professionals go above and beyond to ensure that you get the exact health care experience you deserve.

Over 100 Years
of Combined Health Care Experience

Since 1993, the owners of I-CARE Home Health Care ( The Iveys) have been helping their community live with the grace, dignity, and the respect they deserve. From health care consulting, and providing direct care and disability-friendly home modifications, they’ve been managing on-demand at-home health care for decades.

As a result, the Ivey’s feel a personal obligation to share their experience and expertise to help others prevent or mitigate health care issues.

Live Your Best Years

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Health Care Initiative Focused On Prevention