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Health Care Management

The perfect solution for clients who don't know where to start in the health care arena.

Our care manager provides expert care management services utilizing her over 40 years of health care experience, trusted resources, and networks to create the health care experience clients want, need and deserve.

Clients schedule a virtual consultation with our care manager to learn about their specific needs and desires. The care manager works with the team to create a personalized care plan and solution that meets the client’s current and future needs. Once presented to the client & family, clients select from a variety of temporary or ongoing Live Your Best Years care management options.

  • Hospital/Medical Advocacy
    You get the best care, when you have an advocate. It can be difficult to be your own advocate while going through a medical illness or condition. An advocate helps organize your medical team, explain your wishes to each facet of the team and explains the plan to you in regular terms. An advocate is your best resource, as we are on your side to ensure you get the best possible care.
  • Financial/Legal Health Care Management
    We help you identify financial resources to optimize the reimbursement of home health care services and recommend trusted financial partners and advisors to pay for medical care. We connect and collaborate with your financial & medical Power of Attorney. If a POA has not been assigned, we will coordinate one to be established at your location.
  • General Health Care Options
    Hospital or home? Assisted Living or Private Home Care? Specialist or Generalist? These are just some of the questions our clients ask as they are trying to find the best health care solution for them. We use our years of experience to help guide you to a great solution and engage resources to support you in this decision.
  • Hospital To Home Transition
    When you leave the hospital we make sure it is a smooth transition. We gather the information from the hospital to ensure any medications you are prescribed are at home, ensure you have supplies (if needed), and all support services set up. We ease this transition so that you can heal optimally.
  • Skilled Home Services
    Skilled Home Care Services are often required after a hospital stay. We refer our clients to the best most responsive home care company who has professional team members. We also work with the skilled agency the hospital selects to ensure you get timely information and feedback. We coordinate all visits and make sure that visits do not conflict with other appointments, and your rest/healing time.
  • Non-Skilled Home Services
    Often, clients need help with activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, light meal preparation, companionship, hygiene care, light house cleaning etc.). Our goal is to find you the best home care company to suit your needs, and that exceeds your expectations. We have relationships and networks with home care agencies across the nation and select only the best to service our clients.
  • Caregiving Management
    We help you manage your private health care caregivers to ensure they have the have the necessary skills and requirements to provide the best possible home care services.
  • In-Home Services
    We coordinate in home doctor visits, transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, pet care and much more. Anything you need to maintain your health and ongoing wellness in the comfort of your own home.

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Donna M. Ivey Health Care Manager
Donna M. Ivey Health Care Consultant, Community Leader, Speaker
Starting from humble beginnings, Donna has always had a heart for those in need. Donna is a successful entrepreneur of multiple companies, inspiring leader of various community organizations and is a highly sought speaker due to her heath care experience and compassion for others. She continues to strive for excellence in her work, community and family life.
Donna's love for health care began at the age of 14 when she was elected the President of The Explorer's Program at the Medical College of Ohio. She led 200 high school students who had aspirations to go into the medical field.
For 4 decades, Donna has been 100% committed to learning and helping those who need it most.





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live your best years Advantage

  • Health care management is the perfect solution for clients who don't know where to start in the health care arena. Our health care manager provides guidance, support and advocacy for clients to ensure their best care.
  • We modify your home, so you don't have to modify your life! Home modification management helps clients in need of alterations to their home for design purposes, for safety and to accommodate a new mobility status.
  • We realize that in a fast pace world, it can be difficult to learn and create easy, delicious, healthy meals. Our virtual cooking classes educate and demonstrate delicious, healthful options.
  • Care Groups
    On an airplane, the attendant reminds us in case of an emergency, to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then on our neighbor. Our care groups encourage and uplift individuals who are caring for loved ones who are going through a life altering situation to "breathe first" in life.

Good news - Happiness is fast approaching!

We care about your mental health and support you while you are going through life altering situations. Your strength will also help others who are going through similar situations. Our care groups encourage and uplift our community by providing a safe space to talk and share.

Over 100 Years
of Combined Health Care Experience

Since 1993, the owners of I-CARE Home Health Care ( The Iveys) have been helping their community live with the grace, dignity, and the respect they deserve. From health care consulting, and providing direct care and disability-friendly home modifications, they’ve been managing on-demand at-home health care for decades.

As a result, the Ivey’s feel a personal obligation to share their experience and expertise to help others prevent or mitigate health care issues.

Live Your Best Years

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Meal plans and fun interactive cooking classes with an emphasis on dishes that are healthful, filling and fun to create.

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