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Eating Real Food: Real Delicious, Real Fun, Really Health FULL!
Personal Coaching

Encouragement, Positive Partnering & Goal Setting

Food is closely linked to memories and strong emotions like love and security. Our health coach speaks with clients about their memories and relationship to food while encouraging clients to introduce new healthful options and make slight alterations  to move to a level of happy healthfulness. Coaching also allows clients to have a positive goal partner that gives them the encouragement they need to continue onward towards  living their best years.

Let's Cook Together!
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Virtual Cooking Classes

Healthful cooking classes are a great way to fall in love with cooking and improve your food pairing skills! Whether you consider yourself a new cook or an expert, these classes enhance your creativity and healthful meal preparation options. Each class is done virtually in real time with our health coach. Classes have a special focus on low- carb and low sodium meals great for those diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

Ashes Favorite Stashes™
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Seasonings Make The Meal

Don’t know how to make broccoli super jazzy and yummy? Trying to get your children to enjoy spinach? All of your meals taste pretty much the same? Ashes Favorite Stashes™ is a box full of hand selected delicious seasonings, marinades, and food trinkets that are everything you need to make any meal exceptional!

Grocery Selection
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Meal & Food Selection

Many people do not know where to start when going to the grocery store. Our coach meets with clients to speak about their particular wants, needs, dietary restrictions and healthful eating goals. Weekly grocery selection is done post consultation and is delivered to the clients home with options of meal planning, food pairing, and step by step video cooking tutorials.

Detox, Juicing & Smoothies
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Natural Detox

Gain unstoppable energy, naturally cleanse your body and nourish your cells with our detox, juicing and smoothie recipes. Clients have an opportunity to have coaching and encouragement sessions to enhance their experience.

Meal Delivery Service

Healthful, Flavorful Meals Made With Love

Often when we are on the run or are tired at the end of the day, we eat whatever is fast or available. Many of these options aren’t the best. Live Your Best Years, LLC meal kits are low maintenance, quick, easy and allow you to be purposeful in your food selections. With a no hassle heat and serve service, you do not need to worry about grocery shopping or washing dishes.


Who says healthful food can't be super yummy?

At Live Your Best Years, LLC we offer a variety options that educate, assist and encourage our community to truly live their best years. Our mission is to encourage a healthful life style changes, one meal, one class, one smile at a time.

The Team Has Been Featured In

Who's Ready For Dinner? - Fun, Tasty & Quick Healthful Meals

Ashley M. Ivey, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant & Health Coach

Ashley M. Ivey
Executive Healthful Chef, Fitness Instructor, Speaker

Ashley began in health care at the age of 14. She developed a love for the physical therapy field in her teens, graduated and received her license as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2010. Ashley has worked with clients who have had both orthopedic and neurological needs and deficits. Ashley's passion for wellness spawned her to design and begin health and wellness facilities in 2012. Due to Ashley's extensive health care and wellness experience, she is a sought after speaker and health coach.

Ashley's love for rehabilitation and prevention is intensified due to her own health care journey with Multiple Sclerosis. She focuses on positivity, goal setting and fun and creative ways to live the best years.

For 2 decades, Ashley has been 100% committed to learning and helping those who need it most.





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live your best years Advantage

  • Care Management
    Health care management is the perfect solution for clients who don't know where to start in the health care arena. Our health care manager provides guidance and advocacy for clients to ensure their best care.
  • We modify your home, so you don't have to modify your life! Home modification management helps clients in need of alterations to their home for safety or a new mobility status.
  • Cooking
    We realize that in a fast pace world, it can be difficult to learn and create easy, delicious, healthy meals. Our virtual cooking classes educate and demonstrate delicious, healthful options.
  • Care Groups
    At times, many of us feel like we are alone. Our care groups encourage and uplift individuals who are caring for loved ones who are going through a life altering situation. Just like on an airplane, when the attendant reminds us in case of an emergency, to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first and then on our neighbor, our care groups support you in doing this in your life.

Good news - Happiness is fast approaching!

We care about your mental health and support you while you are going through life altering situations. Your strength will also help others who are going through similar situations. Our care groups encourage and uplift our community by providing a safe space to talk and share.

Over 100 Years
of Combined Health Care Experience

Since 1993, the owners of I-CARE Home Health Care ( The Iveys) have been helping their community live with the grace, dignity, and the respect they deserve. From health care consulting, and providing direct care and disability-friendly home modifications, they’ve been managing on-demand at-home health care for decades.

As a result, the Ivey’s feel a personal obligation to share their experience and expertise to help others prevent or mitigate health care issues.

Live Your Best Years

Ready to improve your health and live your best years?
You’ve come to the right place.

At Live Your Best Years our goal is to help you stay safe, happy, and healthy, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Our team of experienced health care and wellness professionals go above and beyond to ensure that you get the exact health care experience you deserve.

Health Care Initiative Focused On Prevention