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About Our Meals
We are excited for our soft-launch of Live Your Best Years, prepared meal service!

We make healthy eating easy! Our team creates healthful, delicious, and nutritious meals that are personalized to your healthful living goals and supports your healthy lifestyle journey. Meals are low-sodium, always fresh and focus on the beauty of eating “in colors”. We create meals that are planned with great attention to detail and prepared with love.

With a health care and wellness background, our executive healthful chef uses fresh produce and captivating ingredients to create delicious meals you will enjoy. Nourishing the body also includes what you drink! We create the freshest cold-pressed juices that are powerfully nutritious.

Simply heat and serve! Your meals come with re-heating instructions, nutritional information and a label of all ingredients and sub ingredients. Place them in your refrigerator and heat when ready. 

  1. Complete Our Form
    • Mark any diets and food preferences you would like us to adhere to and also mark any food allergens we need to stay away from. Complimentary Health Coach session with our integrative Nurse to further customize your plan exact specifications
  2. Personalized Meal Created & Cook
    • Our chef and health coach stays in communication about your meal wants and needs. A personalized meal plan is created with the information we gather and meals are prepared in our amazing commercial kitchen. Juices are made fresh, same day as pickup or delivery.
  3. Delivery or Pickup
    • All orders for the week that are placed (and paid for) by midnight on Tuesdays are available for local delivery or pick up ( Callaway, MD) the Friday of the same week.
  4. Ready To Eat
    • Store your meals in the refrigerator. When you are ready to eat, warm them in the microwave or oven and enjoy!

We have a business license from the state of Virginia and Maryland. We are licensed to operate a food service facility by St. Mary’s County Health Department License No: 52325 Type of Food Service Facility: Caterer. 

Available April 2022
We look forward to providing you delicious meals soon!

The Team Has Been Featured In

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Certified Health Coach, Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Certification, Holistic Nutrition Certification

Ashley M. Ivey
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Healthful Chef, Health Coach

Ashley began in health care at the age of 14. She developed a love for the physical therapy field in her teens, graduated and received her license as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2010. Ashley has worked with clients who have had both orthopedic and neurological needs and deficits. Ashley's passion for wellness spawned her to design and begin health and wellness facilities in 2012. Due to Ashley's extensive health care and wellness experience, she is a sought after speaker and health coach.

Ashley's love for rehabilitation and prevention is intensified due to her own health care journey with Multiple Sclerosis. She focuses on positivity, goal setting and fun and creative ways to live the best years.

For 2 decades, Ashley has been 100% committed to learning and helping those who need it most.





Health Care Initiative Focused On Prevention