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Ashes Favorite Stashes


Seasonings Make The Meal

Don’t know how to make broccoli super jazzy and yummy? Trying to get your children to enjoy spinach? All of your meals taste pretty much the same? Ashes Favorite Stashes™ is a box full of hand selected delicious seasonings, marinades, and food trinkets that are everything you need to make any meal exceptional!

Deliciousness In A Box

Many times people add more salt to their meals, when really all they need is more flavor. You will receive an amazing box of a 3-6 month supply of Ashes Favorite Stashes™ and a list of recipes and food pairing ideas. The box is focused on healthful savory tastes that allow clients to make the most out of their meals.

Ashes Cutest & Toughest Critics

Through years of preparing healthful meals for organizations, celebrations and family and friends gatherings Ashley always used her secret seasonings to enhance and make meals super delicious. By far, her toughest and CUTEST critics are her 2 children, Angie ( 4 years old) & Kevin (2 years old).
Question: “How does she get her kids to eat spinach and kale?”
Answer: “Ashes Favorite Stashes! Everything you need to make any meal exceptional… even for the littles!”



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