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Weekly Healthful Grocery Selection & Delivery


Have an expert health coach select your groceries on a weekly basis! All selections are focused on low-sodium and low carb meals and are designed to help those that want to reduce or eliminate their diagnosis or symptoms of  diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.


During the consultation the health coach discusses the client’s food favorites, memories of food, and more in order to create a customized grocery/meal selection plan. The goal is for each client to have healthful food that is filling and tastes delicious.

Grocery Cost

We try to keep each week’s healthful meal selection under $200. Depending on your local store and food selection, this may vary. You will be notified if the price exceeds the budget. Local food delivery charges are not included in this budget. Our charge listed is for our meal selection expertise.



Don’t know where to start? Let us shop for you!

Goal: Have the necessary groceries in your home to make great meals that are delicious and healthful.


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Health Care Initiative Focused On Prevention