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Health Coaching: 12 Week Session


In each package clients receive a 30-minute complimentary consultation with the health coach. The consultation is the start of the beautiful healthful journey and self-discovery. In the consultation the client and coach discuss mind- body interactions, food relationships, goal setting and collectively create a positive, exciting, personalized plan of action.

Each session is an invigorating 45minues and includes:

First Five

Review & Acknowledgement Of Success

Goal Setting

Other Health Coach Session Activities:

–             Meal Plans

–             Water Intake Plans

–             Finding Fun In The “Instead”

–             Detox, Juicing, Smoothie Recipes & Demonstration

–             Fasting Information & Implementation

–             Cooking Together Via Zoom

–             Ashes Favorite Stashes Ingredients & Meal Pairing

–             Creative Recipes



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Health Care Initiative Focused On Prevention